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Hardware Services

As important as the software you use is the hardware it runs on. Hooton Tech provides solutions for all of your hardware-related needs. 

Business Solutions

Businesses rely on their computing resources now more than ever before. Hooton Tech provides enterprise-class servers and workstations to ensure the critical functions of your business remain operational 24/7. We are capable of managing and configuring all manner of infrastructure, from SOHO to enterprise we have you covered.

Our networking and Systems expertise enables us to provide you with the best tailored infrastructure to meet your business needs and ensure your data is safe from environmental and digital storms.

Home solutions

Our home solutions fit all manner of uses, from smart home infrastructure to workstations we provide it all. We can configure Desktops, laptops, tablets, and everything in between. 

Technology improves every year. We can make sure you are prepared with upgrades for your home computers. 

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